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    Brightness Fades in and out on HQ not on SQ

    joshavan Newbie

      I find the auto brightness control on the andriod app to be terrible. If some people like it thats great but there needs to be an option to turn in off.


      The problem explained simply.


      1. If I use SQ to watch a baseball game the image is always bright.


      2. If I use HQ to watch a baseball game the backlight brightness changes depending on how bright the scene from the channel is.


      While this may be great for somethings I find it super annoying and wish there was an option to turn this off. I dont know why slingplayer thinks it needs to control my brightness. I know its for dynamic contrast control but if I am in a bright area that makes it very hard to see the image.


      Solution there needs to be a way to turn off the "dynamic contrast" that the HQ codec slingplayer uses. Seems this would be a very simple fix.