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    Remote configuration disappeared for Directv HR22


      Until yesterday, my Slingbox Pro was working fine.  When I attempted to view my television using from my Windows PC using the browser plug-in last night, it showed my remote control as the one for my Directv satellite receiver, but all the buttons were greyed out and unusable.  Today, I tried again with the same results, so I tried reconfiguring my Slingbox Pro.  When I did so, I reset the input to attempt to start anew, only when I searched for my HR22 device in the inputs database it showed that there were no match.  Indeed, I tried looking at Directv, Comcast and many other device manufacturers and all of them indicate "No Models Available".


      I also tried the setup from within the Windows Slingplayer software with the same net result.


      What happened???


      Thanks in advance,