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    AirPlay and HQ not working suddenly


      Slowly 1 by 1 my airplay on now 3/4 iOS devices has stopped working (mirroring is the only way it works) on both my ATV2's and My ATV3.


      iPhone 5 fully up to date - HQ and Airplay not working

      iPhone 4S fully up to date - HQ and Airplay not working

      Ipad Mini fully up to date - HQ and Airplay not working

      Ipad 2 old version of slingplayer for iphone - HQ is random bitrate sometimes works sometimes doesn't, Airplay works.


      All my other network traffic is clean, all my other airplay video and audio is clean. Network is AirPort Extreme time capsule with two airport express repeaters. Insane fast local traffic. So what gives?


      I have two slingbox 350's that cost a fortune, not to mention an app that cost me 30$ back in the day when in started to support sling. Where's my support? This HQ issue has gone on for months now. Without Airplay in HQ in have no use for my slingboxs, we don't use them for external viewing, we use them for wireless tv throughout our home. I have NHL playoffs about to start. This is a known bug(s), please fix this. I've spent over 1000$ cdn on sling equipment and apps, please fix this!

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          ferguspa Apprentice

          Seconded.  I have:


          iPad 1 w/iOS 5.1.1, SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPhone: AirPlay isn't working

          iPad 2 w/iOS 6.x (not 6.1.3--there's an update available), SlingPlayer 3.3 for iPhone: AirPlay works

          iPhone 4S w/iOS 6.1.3, SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPhone: AirPlay isn't working


          Note in the case of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S this is not AirPlay mirroring (where the Apple TV mirrors the exact display of the iOS device)--this is the situation where the SlingPlayer app is directly feeding the Apple TV.  Also in the case of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, other AirPlay-capable programs (BTN2Go, YouTube, and the built-in AirPlay Mirroring) do work.


          I realize the iPad SlingPlayer app may affect the situation, but $15 is a lot for a test.  If Sling/Dish can provide a copy I can test.


          @the41stside: I'm archiving each iteration of the SlingPlayer iOS to handle situations like these.  You may wish to see if you have synchronized your iOS devices against your computer and have a copy of Slingplayer 3.3 (either copied from iPad 2 today or from a backup of an earlier sync of one of your iOS devices) that you can reinstall on your iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPad Mini.

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              Hey thanks for the comments!


              15$ to test is far too much, I'm having the same dilemma. My problem is I'm handcuffed, without slingbox and Airplay I can't watch tv in my whole house.


              Just got off the phone with sling tech support. They told me "we don't support 'the airplay'". They said apple makes their app for them and they have little to do with it (lies). They made it very clear that they are bitter towards apple and don't intend on providing much support on this issue. To which I say... "Goodbye sling!" I'll be putting my slingboxs up for sale and switching to a different satellite streaming device like Elgato Eyetv HD or possibly another. As far as HQ, it's supported on iPhone 5 & 4/4S device only (no airplay) and supposedly iPads with the ipad app, although I personally can't confirm that, nor whether its device only or Airplay supported HQ on ipad.


              I'm an understanding person, if there's a bug to be worked on, all they have to do is tell me where to get updates on the bug status. This is not the case though, it's more to the effect of.... Buyer beware. Beware that sling over charges, for everything, and after you buy, they don't care. The only thing these devices are good for is accessing tv from outside your home, which I don't need to do because of anyplaceTV. They'd better learn fast that the ISP's and Comm companies are going to replace the need for that service and start supporting their local wifi based services. They were set to be the best way to watch tv at home, forget away from home. So disappointed, words can't describe.


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              Has anyone had any luck getting this to work or heard ANYTHING more from Slinbox Support?  It used to work flawlessly for me from iPhone 5 and iPad 2, but has recently stopped as well.  Older iPhone 4 still works, but the quality isn't as good.

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                I just got off the phone with Slingbox support. Really what I should be saying is Slingbox lack of support!


                I too "HAD" great success with iPad 3rd gen. Ver 6.1.3, the Slingplayer app ver. 2.2, Apple TV 3rd gen ver. 5.2.1, and a Slingbox Pro-HD hooked put to my Comcast box via component cables. Until just recently I could use AirPlay to watch content from my iPad via the Slingplayer app to my TV "WITHOUT" using the Mirror function in HQ filling up my whole 16:9 HD screen.  Within the past two weeks this has changed.  I now get "An error occurred loading this content."  The only way I can get AirPlay to work now is by using the Mirror function. This does not fill the screen plus shows everything from the iPad not just the video. I'm pretty confident everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about.  Long story short this is unacceptable!


                After explaining this to Slingbox support I was told "We do NOT guarantee AIRPLAY with Apple TV."  This is interesting because when I purchased the Slingbox and app at the original $30 I was specifically told, by Slingbox support, that it "Will" support the Apple TV AIRPLAY function.  That is why I made my purchase in the first place. Granted when I first installed everything it did not function properly. So I called Slingbox and explained that that the app and AirPlay was not working properly. The gentleman requested two more weeks and SlingPlayer would have a new firmware that would make it work. This would be within my 30 day return policy, so I waited.  Believe it or not within one week the app had a firmware update and it functioned with AirPlay flawlessly!  NO Mirror function needed.


                So all of a sudden we get a new firmware update to SlingPlayer, currently ver. 2.2, and now AirPlay doesn't work again! Not only does it not work, but now Slingbox support says it never worked!  This is total BS because I have been using it flawlessly for months.  Yes, I am extremely mad that this does not work anymore, but I am even more mad that I am not getting answers as to why, or as to if this function will ever be reinstated!


                Like everyone else I bought into Slingbox and even recommended friends and family do the same, which many did after seeing my set up. Now they're all looking at me as to what just happened!


                Slingbox, I want answers!!!!!!!!!! Slingbox, as a loyal supporting customer, I deserve answers!!!!!!

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                  hi everyone--


                  just wanted to share a workaround that I just discovered.  this seems to have fixed the aforementioned issues I've experiencing myself.


                  the trick is to FIRST enable airplay mirroring from the home screen (outside of slingplayer). To do this, double-click the home button on your iDevice, swipe to the left until you see the airplay button, and then select the device (AppleTV) where you'd like to mirror your screen.  THEN, open slingbox app, connect, and your video should start streaming.


                  Not only that, the issue relating to differing aspect ratios seems to be fixed!  full screen video on my 37" LCD TV from my iPhone 5.


                  I'd be happy to clarify further if anyone wants.  for now, I will be watching MLB.TV


                  btw- I know it's frustrating to experience these issues as paying customers, but we should certainly give the slingbox folks some credit for saving most of us lots of $$$$.  They're a small company doing the best they can with the relatively limited resources they have-- cut them a little slack because innovative start-ups like this are GOOD for consumers.


                  Godspeed with your workarounds, everyone.






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                      "I know it's frustrating"... Actually I'm pretty sure you don't. I am Canadian, the NHL hockey playoffs are just starting and I can't watch decent quality tv anywhere in my house because of this issue. So I'm pretty sure you don't know frustrating. I literally have to sit at my computer to watch sports on a 22" monitor instead of the 55" led TV I bought that's in the next room. I paid over 1000$ now for sling apps and products. This is a total joke, at least give us some explanation and a potential fix date...

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                      ferguspa Apprentice

                      There seems to be some model-specificness.  All of these tests are with SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPhone and a Slingbox 350:


                      iPad 1 w/iOS 5.1.1: AirPlay doesn't work

                      iPad 2 w/iOS 6.1.3: AirPlay works

                      iPhone 4S w/iOS 6.1.3: AirPlay doesn't work

                      iPhone 5 w/iOS 6.1.3: AirPlay works


                      AirPlay Mirroring does work on Mirroring-capable devices (including the 4S where regular AirPlay via SlingPlayer isn't working) however it is lower quality than it could be.


                      Slingbox Answer Forum admins, any comment?

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                          My results are different than ferguspa's using the same iOS versions on 2 of the iDevices

                          • Model:Slingbox 350
                          • A/V Device Support:World Wide Support
                          • Firmware Version:1.1.52
                          • Hardware Version:1.1.0
                          • Activation Date:Sun, 11 Nov 2012 21:20:13
                          • Current Video Source Details:
                            • Input / Name:COMPONENT
                            • Manufacturer :Scientific Atlanta
                            • Model:Explorer 8300HD

                          All of these tests are with SlingPlayer 3.4.1 for iPhone and a Slingbox 350:


                          iPad 1 w/iOS 5.1.1: AirPlay (works - Differs from other results)

                          iPad 2 w/iOS 6.1.3: AirPlay (doesn't work - Differs from other results)

                          iPhone 4S w/iOS 6.1.3: AirPlay doesn't work (same result)


                          Here is my original post...


                          This problem concerns using a the current Slingbox App on a iPad 2 with iOS 6.1.3, Cox Cable - Scientific Atlanta EXPLORER 8300HD DVR, Sony STR-DG720 AV reciever & a JVC LT-46FH97


                          The app's interface with the current iOS and AirPlay is broke.  When I try to make the connection with an iPad 2 using the current iOS and and Apple TV 3 I get the following... "An error occurred loading this content. Try again Later".


                          I also have a iPad 1 with the last supported iOS and it's able to connect without a problem.


                          Also,  on either device, the app can't resume play after fast forwarding without a disconnect and reconnect on a Cox Cable - Scientific Atlanta 8300HD DVR in any mode.


                          Slingbox Answer Forum admins, any comment?


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                          ferguspa Apprentice

                          Per the official Slingbox Twitter account, AirPlay problems are a known issue:


                          30 Apr, 2013

                          baldinger: @MisterSling Hi -- getting a "cannot display content" error on my Apple TV when I attempt in-app mirroring from iPhone 5. Any ideas?

                          MisterSling: @baldinger We're aware of the issue & working to get it resolved. Until then, try turning on AirPlay mirroring, then start streaming.

                          baldinger: @MisterSling Great. Thanks for the update.

                          27 May, 2013

                          baldinger: @MisterSling Any update on the Apple TV/Sling app mirroring issue? Still getting an "error displaying content" message. Been a month.


                          Assuming the @MisterSling Twitter account hasn't changed hands since this tweet on April 26, 2013, the person running it is Brian Jaquet, PR Consultant for Sling Media.  Since a Sling Media rep has now acknowledged the issue with AirPlay, can the forum admins please bring us up to date regarding the status of the issue?

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                            OvCollyer Apprentice

                            This is really poor.


                            I'd reported issues with Airplay, such as changing channels causing the Airplay stream to have to be manually disconnected and reconnected to work and I was hopeful that with a bit of polish the iOS/ATV combo could have become a really good way of getting the stream on the big screen.


                            But no, instead Sling go and break it completely.


                            It's really disappointing that they don't test things properly before releasing them.

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                              ferguspa Apprentice

                              SlingPlayer 3.5.1 for iOS seems to have improved AirPlay tremendously.  From my:


                              iPhone 4S w/iOS 6.1.3

                              Apple TV (third generation)

                              Slingbox 350

                              SlingPlayer for iOS 3.5.1


                              AirPlay works pretty well.  It no longer has problems with issuing commands via the remote control (e.g. I can change channels without having to turn AirPlay off).  Note this is not AirPlay mirroring, this is going-to-fill-your-16x9-TV specifically-coded-for-AirPlay.

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                                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                                  That's great news, thanks for posting.

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                                      Wow, that only took since April... No telephone support for this issue at all, in fact the technicians on the phone don't even know what AirPlay is for the most part, not to mention they all claim "we don't support 'the airplay'", I love the "the" they all use, hilarious. That is sad given that TV service providers are making their programming available from fast dedicated servers making the need for slingbox remote streaming much much less valuable. Meanwhile AirPlay and Apple devices may be the only thing that will keep Sling Media alive through local wireless streaming at high quality. Even the best products need to evolve. Sling has done their business, it seems like they're giving up. 3.5 months for a little bug fix with huge fallout. Again, sad.