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    Internet viewing not working


      I've been trying to get the internet viewing to work for about 2 weeks, and I can't.  My setup is: I have a router/modem that connects to a router, which connects to my slingbox Classic.  I can see the TV on my laptop when I'm on my home network, but I can't see it when I'm outside the network, and every time I do the internet viewing setup in the wizard, it fails.  I have done all of the recommended steps as per the install instructions for my dual-router setup, in order to have static IP, etc.


      Please help....I travel in 12 hrs.  I've tried all I know how to do.



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          Lynsey Newbie

          Hi tonycalore,


          Sorry to hear you're having issues with streaming your Slingbox outside of your home network. This sounds like a port forwarding issue. There is a great web site that will walk you through step by step instructions on port forwarding your router. The web site is port forward.com and you will need the router manufacturer and model number. Since you do have a double router setup you may have to port forward both. This is also something you can contact your router manufacturer about and they may be able to do for you.


          Once you open the ports on your router you should not have any issue with connecting to your Slingbox outside of your home network.


          Best regards,


          Sling Moderation Team