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    Tuner Replacement


      Hey SlingMedia!,


      What goes on in your heads?  Your website and customer support is extremely poor.  Are you only interested in profits?  I suspect so.  So if you want to get any profit from me you are going to have to offer a replacement for my Slingbox Tuner that works with my Pentium4 and the 750KB upload speed I get from Verizon like my Tuner did.


      Just make a Tuner that tunes digital stations.  Make something simple for a change.  I don't want or need all the BS.  I just want to stream my "over the air" digital TV signals and not make everyone at home watch what I'm watching. 


      How freaking hard is that?


      I'm sure there are a lot of customers out there who agree with me.  But again, I doubt if you really care what any of us think.  You certainly don't want to talk to us.  Why don't you do a survey?  You might find out there's a huge market for just what I'm looking for.


      Instead of making everyone upgrade all their other systems constantly to work with your continuously revised products, why don't you make something the other 97% of us can use?