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    TIVO Button not activated


      I watch remote TV via Slingbox connected to my TIVO box at home.  Has worked fine for years.  Changed to new Slingbox 350.  Now, when trying to watch on my remote TV, the remote control comes on, is briefly enabled, and then the TIVO button is disabled and I cannot access the TIVO menu.  All

      the rest of the buttons on the TIVO remote work fine.  Any help would be appreciated.

      Rick Johnson

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          alanrichey42 Master

          For some inexpicable reason Tivo uses a different code for that button depending on the model (S2, S3, S4, Premiere....) although all the other buttons use the same code.   I would try a few other models to see if they work.  If not, let me know your Tivo model and I will try and figure it out.