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    Slingcatcher problems

    stringer3 Newbie

      I thought I'd post on this rather than on slingcatcher thread, to get hopefully a wider audience.  Apparently this is a known issue


      Arriving in France I connected my slingcatcher, but network light never came on


      Assuming there was a problem, I did a factory reset


      In fact I had always been connected even though the network light never appeared


      I know there are updates available since the factory settings but I cannot update because slingcatcher says no network - but I am connected!


      A new problem is that every now and again, picture disappears and I get the message that someone else is accessing my slingbox.  This is not the case.  Anyway I am given the opportunity to disconnect this fictitious other user an I get back my programme


      What is going on?  and can anyone help with any of these issues?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It doesn't make any difference where you post it, it always appears on the main discussion page that Sling monitor.  Now we have SIX different threads running on this subject.   Normally I would complain about that level of unecessary duplication but in this case the more we complain the more likely Sling will answer.  I hope


          See SlingCatcher servers appear to be down  for my entry


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            Matt.Sling Apprentice


            Here are some steps that a SlingCatcher user can use to sign into their Sling Accounts and once again use their SlingCatcher to connect to another Slingbox:

            1. Disconnect all Slingbox units, as well as any Sling Adapters, from your home network. This is temporary.
              You can just unplug the network cable from the back of your Slingbox model(s).
            2. Make sure that your SlingCatcher is connected to your TV.
            3. Power on your TV.
            4. Set your TV input selector to the input that the SlingCatcher is using.
            5. On the back of the SlingCatcher, press and hold the Reset button for ten seconds.
            6. In a moment, you will see the System Recovery screen.
            7. Press OK on the SlingCatcher remote control to get started.
            8. When SlingCatcher finishes connecting to your home network, press OK again.
              Allow the SlingCatcher to update itself. When it's done, it restarts itself.
            9. While the SlingCatcher says SlingCatcher is starting up, you need to be prepared to click OK on the very next screen. That screen contains the Slingbox Directory, plus a Sling Account login screen. But the Sling Account login screen appears only for one second! Try to click OK immediately upon seeing it.
            10. If you miss it ... no problem. Briefly press-and-release the Reset button on the back of the SlingCatcher to get another chance. And this time, the Sling Account login screen should stay on the screen.
            11. Log in to the Sling Account.
            12. Reconnect your Slingbox model(s) to the network.
            13. You should be able to connect to your Slingbox, even though the interface says that you have no network connection.


            Thanks again for your patience as we work on a fix.


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              Matt.Sling Apprentice

              Locking this thread to consolidate updates/information on SlingCatcher issue.


              Will post any updates to: https://community.sling.com/thread/23107?tstart=0