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    is slingbox still being unfriendly ,


      I was going to buy some new kit as i have a classic a catcher and a echostar-600

      i expected no hassle when i wanted to get it all working again as had not used for a while

      When i first got my classic slingbox was very helpfull to the point i purchased the catcher and sling link turbo then got a new sat system and didn't need to use the sling stuff for a year or two then i got the echostar 600 as it had the slingbox built in and that was a bad mistake the friendly company I realy had liked had gone to a money grabing unhelpful scam. I was going to add a new slingbox pro HD but because the change in the support I did not I see thay still charge. But Echostar now owns slingbox so is it going to be worth coming back or do I stick all my sling kit in the garbage and get a open streamer from else ware that is not going to tie me down don't like the way my echostar 600 can't work with the tablet version of the player as I am housebound I only need streaming in my own home.

      So are they ftiendly yet?"