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    NEED error 10003 Fix and Reboot slingbox remotely feature


      error 10003. 


      Using WD Live and Neo Tv boxes so we can watch on a TV has constant issues.


      They do not connect to the slingbox and you get error 10003.


      So the only way to watch is on the web interface through slingbox.com  Defeats the purpose since we only watch on our tv's.


      Slingbox says they are working on a fix but it has been 2 months.


      Spending a lot of money on professional hardware in order to use their services and these issues should never happen.



      Slingbox needs to be able to Reboot slingbox remotely.


      Something simple to do as it is software based. You should be able to login to your slingbox account on the web, click reboot slingbox. Most people use slingbox out of state and out of country. How in the world does this company expect people to reset the slingbox unit when they are no where near it.


      Our cable box is integrated with slingbox and you can see all of the functions. Slingbox should go one step further and work with cable companies / hardware providers, so that through the slingbox or slingbox login on the web, you would be able to also reset/reboot the cable box remotely as well.


      We have sent these requests / feedback to have slingbox put out these MUST HAVE features and Fixes but have heard nothing or seen nothing from them.