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    Video Quality for Slingbox 500


      Hi everyone,


      I'm looking to understand what kind of upload and download speeds you need to be able to acheive the highest video quality out of the slingbox 500.  Currently, I am using a Neo TV player to stream to my TV.  The Neo TV player is currently connected via ethernet cable.  I also used QoS to make it the highest priority.  However, I can't use the highest video quality (Best HD) without dropping frames or the stream becoming very choppy.  The speed test will average about 5 Mbps (Internet to Sling Player) 2 Mbps (Slingbox to Slingplayer).  What are these two values measuring exactly?  What kind of values do you need to be able to operate the slingbox at the Best (HD quality) level.


      On slingbox.com, my connection seems very good.  The connection quality shows all five bars and is green.  So I'm not sure if the issue is realated to the Neo TV player or if it's something else.


      Thanks for the help!