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    Controlling only one Tivo Premiere box, when a second Tivo is next to it.


      When you have a few Tivos next to eachother, Tivo enables you to set each box to it's own 'Remote Address' so that the Tivo remotes only control the box you want.


      I have done that, but when I go through the setup process for the SLingbox, I do not see an option to choose which 'Remote Address' I would like the Slingbox to use.


      Through trial and error, I THINK Slingbox seems to use 'Remote Address' #2, so I have set the Tivo box I want to control, to that #.


      Result:  The Slingox correctly does not control the 'other' Tivos', but only controls the correct box intermittently.


      Note that I have the IR transmitters set up properly, and do not believe that is the issue.


      Thanks in advance...Ken