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    AirTies Air 7200 and the double keys


      I am using new AirTies Air 7200 iptv receiver.  According to the iptv provider the same remote control is used for this receiver as for other Sagem and SagemCom receivers they used to have.  After having tried all the Sagem’s and the SagemCom Cable boxes and most of the satellites boxes as well, I still can’t find the correct functionality for the remote control.  Many of them works but sends double keys to the receiver.


      When I tried the Standalone DVR - Sagem PVR6522C setup I finally got the right picture of the remote control but the problem still exists, double commands are sent to the receiver.


      I have read the https://community.sling.com/thread/3300 and it seems that number of specialized setups are sent in this forums.


      Can anyone, based on my description above, guide me to the correct setup for this remote control?