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    Sling Box in Australia


      Hi, this device looks very interesting. I have few questions before I purchase one.

      1. Do they all come with the American "power plug" socket?
      2. In Australia we often have wifi/internet download limitations. Will using the Sling Box 500 "consume" download time at home?
      3. How do I watch one TV programme (i.e cable) on another TV in the house that does not have cable?
      4. I assume that DVD region and PAL/NTSC TV transmission has no bearing on Sling Box 500 use?


      Many thanks



        • Re: Sling Box in Australia

          It seems Slingbox has gone out of business, either in Asutralia or globally, all product has been removed from the stores and all enquiries unanswered. If Slingbox is in business anywhere in the world they could respond to the Australian requests but they have not so better to find another product.