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    Only static on initial setup


      I just received my Slingbox 500. I have checked and rechecked the connections, and they match the diagram enclosed in the box as follows:


      1. Component video and stereo cables from my ADB-2721WX set-top box/DVR to the "In" ports on the Slingbox 500

      2. Component video and stereo cables from "Out" ports on my Slingbox 500 to the back of my TV (the same ports where the cord was previously plugged in directly from the DVR)


      My TV is old enough that it does not support an HDMI cord, so I did not use that. After providing power to the Slingbox 500 unit I only receive silent static on my TV. You can vaguely make out the Slingbox logo within the static, but that is it. Any suggestions for troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello kennan,


          welcome to the answer forum, I see you are looking for a little help getting that unit up and going. To setup that unit I would like you to go to the website below after you make sure that the network light is on.



          Also I would check and make sure that the TV is on the right input for the slingbox. If the TV is on the wrong input that it would give you this picture on the TV. If you need anymore help I would suggest giving us a call at 1-877-467-5464 and one of our agents could walk you step by step through the setup process.


          Hope this helps,


          Thank you,

          Sling Moderation Team

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            Hello Kennan:


            I have the same issue when I got my new Slingbox 500 today.  I called tech support and we were able to get the sling box updated setup online.  But after the update and install the only thing I could see is the Sling symbol and then it goes static.  Luckly, I have a 2nd tv that I can connect to in the bedroom.  I tried it on that set and everything worked. 


            I prefer to have my slingbox set up in the living room and I called tech support and informed them of my situation and set up.  The only solution they had was to check the forums.  Have you resolved your issues? 

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                It sounds like you could use my situation interchangably with your own, almost down to every detail. I went through the exact same process with support, and it does now work after running back and forth between my living room and bedroom trying different methods of hooking it up. However, I was told that the cause of the problem was likely that my old giant tv in my living room doesn't support HD, so my Slingbox is now set up in our bedroom on our newer HD tv. I guess the only good news is that I plan on getting a new tv for my living room by the end of the year, so I guess I will just live with the Slingbox in our bedroom for now and switch it to the living room later.