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    new DirecTV Genie compatible with Sling 500?


      Hello all,

      I have an order placed for the new HR34 (hopefully I get the HR44 which is coming out this month) aka "the genie" and I am moving from Dish that had the slingbox. I really like the slingbox capability and wanted to keep that going forward but obviously I'd need to purchase a standalone unit. I have a few questions though:


      1) Has anyone actually used this combination yet?

      2) If so, would HDMI work using a splitter?

      3) If not, would component to Slingbox, HDMI to TV work? (in other words would DTV block component if HDMI is connected on)

      4) HR44 supposedly does both IR and RF simultaneously, but HR34 does not. Do I set it to IR so that the Slingbox can use it?


      Thanks everyone for any help. I haven't found a single place where people talk specifically about their setup.

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            Just hooked up a Slingbox 500 to my Direct TV  Genie client.  I have the HR34-700 DVR with three C31-700 client boxes.   Here's how I did it.


            The client was connected by HDMI to a Samsung 3D plasma TV in our guest room, so it's usually not on or being watched.


             I inserted a monoprice HDMI splitter between the client and the HDTV to  ensure the HDCP and component video output will stay active whether the  TV is on or off.  I bought the Monoprice 1x2 Pigtail HDMI splitter for  $31 so I didn't have to use another HDMI cable.  The second port from  the splitter is empty.  The TV functions exactly the  same as before.  (If you try to connect the second splitter port  directly to the Slingbox 500 with an HDMI cable, it won't work because the  HDCP will fail and the client box will lock out all channels.)


            I bought a H2510PIN DirecTV cable  for $7 and connected the Genie client to the Slingbox using the  component video input and analog R/L audio.  I put the IR transmitter  pyramid in front of the Genie client, and selected Satellite -> DirecTV -> Genie  for the remote control settings.  I temporarily connected the Slingbox  to the TV with a component video cable to set everything up, and then  removed it once the Slingbox was configured.


            All channels and features function remotely through the iTunes App, and I'm able to watch any channel or the DVR remotely on my iPad.  The app even shows a picture of the same remote we use at home, with all the buttons and options.


            In retrospect, because I'm not using the HDMI input on the Slingbox 500, the Slingbox 350 would work just as well and cost less.


            Hope this helps!




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              Thank you very much MV!


              I will have the same setup with a client box apart from the main Genie DVR.  Just as clarification.  I hook up the hdmi splitter (using only one port) from the dvr box to the tv. Then hook up the Slingbox to the dvr box via that H2510 cable?  Should I disconnect the DVR box when I temporarliy hook up the slingbox to the tv for setup? Also, after it's all set up the slingbox wont be connected to the tv at all?


              Thanks in advance for the clarifaction,