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    jumps back 2-3 sec in time everytime i use the remote



      I got a very irritating problem and cant find any info about how to fix it.

      If im watching in fullscreen and move the mouse pointer the remote appears, the problem is that the  program im watching then jumps back 2 3 sec in time. This also happens when i change the size of the screen.

      I tried firefox and internet explorer, both got the same problem. (I got win 7 and a HP spectre XT)

      /thank you for your help guys

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          daugustus5150 Newbie

          Hello Carl,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum! We actually  see issues like a slight delay or return when changing channels or making adjustments to the web player often. This is because there is usually some lag time between performing the functions and it creates a return point for the video to resume at. Since you've already tried IE and Firefox, I would suggest trying Google Chrome. I've seen it minimize some of that lag occasionally.



          Best Wishes,


          The Slingbox Moderation Team