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    Anyone willing to run a test...


      I got my slingbox about 3 months ago. The highest kbps I have been able to get it up to when viewing remotely is around 280-300 kbps, but recently it has really dropped off and I can't get above 100 kbps.


      I upgraded my internet service to increase my upload speeds at home and it is still not improving my stream speed.  I was hoping that someone who knows that they have good upload speed/connection might let me log on to their slingbox for only a few minutes to check and make sure that my internet connection at my house is the problem or it is not something else.


      I can't really think of any other way to test this.  Also if anyone has had this problem and has any advice, I would appreciate it.


      Please don't refer me to some link on the support site. I have looked at them all and they have been pretty useless.