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    Slingcatcher Setup Not Working


      Hi, I realize this is in the wrong place because you don't have a forum for the Slingcatcher.  I finally took my slingcatcher out of the box and plastic wrap last night after it sitting in a box upstairs.  The setup process allows me to set my resolution, and ling to my home network, but then freezes on the screen where it is looking for updates.  The progress bar for the "checking for updates" process doesn't move, or even begin to show any progress.  I've done various ways of resetting and letting it sit to see if anything happens, and it doesn't help the problem.  Please help.  We've never even used this product and would like to use it now.



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          BobShanghai Newbie

          I think (but not 100% sure) that Sling have removed all Slingcatcher update firmware from their servers, also changed the server addresses. I suspect that your box is now unable to locate the update server (or files on it).


          I notice that Kwhit modified your original post, but did not comment or reply. You would think Sling would at least comment, but it seems not.


          I have 3 'catchers, currently they are working fine, but am dreading the day when I maybe need to do a hard reset and then they fail to operate ever again.


          I cannot understand why Sling does not have an area for legacy products, where there is a firmware download facility. I know that Sling used to email a usb boot operating system to 'catcher users who were having problems, but I have searched for this over many months and have never found it.


          Out of all the products that Sling have produced, Slingcatcher coupled with pro, pro-hd, seem to have been the most reliable. If only they had continued to develop the 'catcher! Sad.