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    Which decoder to use. Advice please!




      I'm got a Slingbox Pro-HD and want to buy a new decoder to attach the slingbox too. My previous decoder wasn't able to be used with the slingbox because the remote wasn't in their list. I ended up buying a 5 year old model that was compatible to the slingbox and the cable provider in my country. The old decoder did had problems and I want to replace it.


      Do you know if slingbox is compatible with one the decoders (able to use the remote) below which are certified by my cable provider:


      - Humax iHDR-5200c

      - Humax iRHD-5100c

      - Cisco 8485DVB HD DVR

      - Samsung SMT-H3102

      - Cisco 8455DVD


      Many thanks for your feedback!!

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello krvanheuven,


          Thank you for reaching out to us here! I understand that you're interested to know if the Slingbox is compatible with one of the cable boxes offered by your provider. The answer is, more than likely, yes it is. Even on the precarious occasion when your specific cable box is not listed in our database, you can usually select a similar model that will work for you. Many manufacturers and/or cable providers use the same IR (infrared) coding on multiple set top boxes.


          Please follow the instructions in this article for selection (note that you can even request a custom remote, if necessary!):



          Hope this answers your inquiry!


          Kind Regards,

               The Sling Moderation Team