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    Video stutter when watching Slingbox 500 over internet




      On my home network I have both a PRO-HD (port 5001) and a S-500 (port 5201) setup and running. Both works as a charm when watching in my home network. Especially the S-500 gives beautiful picture and it handles high-motion material lke soccer and icehockey very well.

      However, when I hook up to my S-500 over the internet it does not perform well (to say the least). After about 30 seconds the video and audio starts stuttering and the video is very choppy. The web-slingplayer shows that the bitrate is stable around 5-7MBit which should be enough to give a decent picture. Though, the "Bandwidth capacity" indicator keeps switching between "excellent" and "fair", eventhough the bitrate is stable around 5-7MBit.

      I have setup port forwarding on my home router to forward both 5001 to the PRO-HD and 5201 to the S-500. When viewing over internet i get a TCP connection to the S-500 so that seems correct. Also, both the S-500 and the PRO-HD are connected to the ethernet ports of the home router.


      I have tried on two separate locations, both with around 7MBit maximum download speed. (Upload speed on my home network is around 10MBit.) The behaviour is exacly the same on both locations so that should rule out any networking issue on the client side (i think). I have also tried the web-slingplayer on IE, Forefox and Chrome with the same result


      A thing to notice is that if I switch to my old PRO-HD the picture is nice and stable. The Bandwidth capacity stays at excellent with a stable bitrate of 6-7Mbit. So the problem seems concentrated to the Slingbox 500. Any ideas on how to attack this issue?


      (Yet another thing I noticed is that if I check the "internet sessions" on my home router I see an increasingly number of incoming TCP connections on port 5201 from my remote location. After streaming from the S-500 for a couple of minutes (with major video/audio stutter) a have around 50-100 such connections. A handful of them are in state "established" and the majority is in either in state "Close wait" ot "Time wait". (When streaming from the PRO-HD I only see a stable total of 2-3 such connections.)

      Don´t know if this is normal behavoiur for the S-500?)


      Regards, Kalle

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          What HDMI output mode is your cable or satellite box using?


          If it's 720p then try 1080i and see if it works any better (you'll need to use Best (HD) to get the highest smooth framerate).



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            After some work my slingbox now behaves a lot better. I did a number of hard resets of the box with  no difference. The last time I also changed the port used by the slingbox from 5201 to 5210. (I did that by temporarily setting up port  forwarding rules in the router on ports 5201-5209 to a random lan ip  address, and thereby forced the slingbox to use another port.) After that the slingbox never ramps up to those extreme high bitrates again, and the picture is  nice and stable both on my local network and when watching over  internet.

            Can´t be 100% sure that the port change made deal for me or if some  other circumstance makes the behavoiur better, but I thought I´d share  my experince anyway.