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    Browser freezes on initialising circle


      There appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome plug-in operation.


      Internet plug-in for IE8 and Google Chrome.  V1.5.13.743

      On start-up the screen Internet plug-in for IE8 and Google Chrome.

      On start-up the screen http://watch.slingbox.com/sling_player

      the browser freezes on initialising for about 4.5 minutes and then continues and all works normally.

      This has been tried on several different machines at different locations and the delay is always over 4 minutes.

      The unit has worked for at least a year with the same settings and no problems.


      The browser appears to freeze with the initialising circle stopped, then after 4.5 minutes it proceeds to authenticating account and all works normally.


      I have tried accessing a HDS-600RS from with the UK and a colleague has also tried from the USA with the same results.

      The HDS-600RS works perfectly once the delay has passed.

      The HRS-600RS works perfectly without any delay using mobile slingplayer on Android.


      I hope the bug report is of some use to your developers.