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    I have no video, only audio on webslingplayer....thoughts?


      I have a HD-Pro Slingbox.  I recently have been having trouble with no video, but I get audio.  I started using previous versions of Firefox and that worked until now.  Last few days, no video only audio.  I can stream both audio and video on my iPad, but not on my Macbook Pro, my Mac, or my HP.... I have tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Explorer.  None of them work.... no video, only audio.  This is clearly another one of Slingboxes updates that are not really updates, but mistakes.  No help from support unless you pay to tell them it's their problem and then they charge you to tell you they are working on it..... Really dissapointing.... I hope some other company starts to compete with Slingbox that doesn't force updates on you that makes your streaming not work.... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks in advance!!