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    Error Code 0x92340107 on slingbox classic


      I am 2000 miles from my box and I cant connect (after 14 months of perfect viewing).  I get the following error code and message:

      "The slingbox session did not end - code 0X92340107"

      My classic slingbox is automatically powered down every night so a soft reset has not cured it.  Can anyone help?



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          Same for me.  It started maybe 1.5 to 2 weeks ago.


          I have two computers behind the same router; the desktop still connects fine, but the laptop gets this error.  I even had the laptop on the same LAN as the slingbox earlier this week and it wouldn't work there either.


          I've tried disabling F-Secure, to no effect.

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            I get the same error message.  Has anyone resolved this?  I note that there a small number of postings about this, but no resolution.


            It is not a network or router problem.  I have sniffed the network traffic, and basically, a TCP connection to the slingbox is established, the SlingPlayer requests stream.asf, but the Slingbox returns some data, and the then SlingPlayer, says "OK", then tears down the connection.


            Has anyone get any ideas?!

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                Well, for me anyway, F-Secure (security suite) was the culprit after all.  The problem must have started after some hidden update.  There could be the same problem with other security suites.


                I still haven't been able to find the actual setting that changed, or a way to successfully override it in the program.  As far as I can tell, SlingPlayer is as "allowed" as I can make it.


                I need to shut down F-Secure before I start SlingPlayer.  It doesn't work when I disable it while SlingPlayer is already running.  Once I'm streaming, I can turn F-Secure back on without a problem.

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                Hi dixon1, check this information below so you can have an idea about what could be the cause of this issue:

                Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox, SlingPlayer or Setup Assistant

                Best regards,

                The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderator Team

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                    I am having the same problem as others. Tried to get help from the Sling technicians but was told my 1 year ran out and can pay for a paper ticket. Was referred to the forum for help. Seems like a common problem with Sling boxes in the past 3 months or so. I reset my sling box back home. multiple times. no help. Tried a direct cat 7 cable to my router, no help. Read that disabling F Secure could help but need to find out how. Running Trend Micro for the last year. Very frustrating reading so many similar problems with no real guidance or assistance from the manufacture. Hope you can help. I am sure many will really appreciate you help or further advice.




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                        We found that it was our anti-virus software, which by the way had not interfered in years so it must have been a change in slingbox or our av software. We still dont have a great a solution, but basically we have to completely disable the av software (which is difficult) and then start slingbox and then reenable the av software. A process tree explorer helped us identify this issue. When you start slingbox you can see what process starts to block it. Good luck!

                        (P.S. A good way to determine if AV or other software is interfering is to log on to Slingbox to watch on-line from another computer like in a library and if it works there your computer is blocking the stream).

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                        I have found that although Slingbox can be fully enabled in F-secure, the later versions all insist on still monitoring network traffic which stops Slingbox in its tracks. The previous 2010 version had a "monitor network traffic" tickbox which if disabled allowed Slingbox to connect- - the monitoring could then be turned on. The latest 2011 version does not have this tickbox - the only way I have found to run it is to disable the entire real-time scanning whilst connecting; this only takes a short while but is uncomfortable. The virus program writers should be contacted by Slingbox on behalf of all users and requested to create permits which do not need the whole anti-virus system being shut down in order to get an active connection established.


                        Any comments or better workarounds welcomed - also Slingbox comments as this must be a close to universal problem especially with F-Secure?

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                        In the end this error problem was my outgoing internet connection.  My telephone line was faulty.  I now connect fine to my slingbox classic - the error code was unhelpful and did not give any clues as to the answer.


                        One tip I have found most useful.  If you get varying speeds when viewing remotely, try reconnecting over and over again until you get connected through a server that gives you your maximum speed.  I used to to have good and bad viewing days, now every day is a good viewing day as I disconnect and reconnect until the speed is satisfactory.

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                          I had the same problem with Windows7. Got the 0x92340107 error every time I started Slingplayer.

                          I don't know what the really problem is, but I uninstall the program (Slingplayer) reset the Slingbox with the reset buttom (next to the power) and configured it again, and it starts working again.