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    Disappointment with Sling box in general


      I have a sling box solo for just more than a year and i have been using it 2 months, March and April 2012, when i am away from home.

      When i came to reinstall it on February 25th, nothing will work. Because i was slightly over my year warranty, i have paid $29.95 U.S. for an agent to help me reorganised the sling box. I was leaving my country Canada the following day for USA and on my way, i have watched my tv three nights and it was working fine. Five days after, i tried to get on again and it was impossible to join it. I have called the Sling Box support with my case number to see what they could do to help me fixing it and the answer was that: it was impossible to help if there was nobody at home with a computor. How can we be home if we have a sling box because we are going away. Nobody could have touched it since there is nobody at home.

      I have sent someone checking if the internet router and sling box was "on". I have checked with that person by phone if the installation was still the same and the lights on. Everything was fine, but i still cannot get on it.

      The person at the sling box support told me we needed a computor to check why it was not working. Being away and wishing to watch my TV here, would you believe my computor is with me, not at home. I am very disappointed about that system of sling box. I spent money to buy the Sling Box and then, paid for help to reinstall it and nothing works.

      Is there another way we could find out the reasons the Sling Box would stop working when nobody has touched it?

      I hope when i get home, i will be able to have it work again without having to pay every time it goes out connection.

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          In my long experience of using Slingboxes the one thing I have concluded is that although they are reliable 99% of the time, there is always the chance of something going wrong, whether is caused by the Slingbox or your router.


          At minimum, give yourself remote access to your router so that you can change things like port forwarding, reboot the router so it forces the slingbox to get a new IP address or forces it to setup UPnP port forwarding again.


          Also useful, setup a cheap PC on the LAN with remote access so that you can investigate things from inside the LAN (do speed tests, try and reconfigure the slingbox locally etc)


          Even better, stick the slingbox on a 24 hour power timer so it reboots overnight.


          Optimum solution is to use an IP power switch so that you can power off and on the Slingbox whenever you choose.


          This gives you full control with the exception of a hard reset of the Slingbox.


          While the intention is that these devices should be setup and left for months and months, and while it may well work as well as that for some, in reality my experience is that at some point you'll need to give things a kick.


          I realise that's not going to help your current situation, but it might be worth bearing in mind next time your at the location.


          The power supply timer + remote access to your router will likely allow you to solve 99% of your issues without being at home.