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    any problems with mac os x 10.8.3 updates?


      i installed 10.8.3 on two different macs and watching on the web stopped working immediately on both computers after the update.  I tried it in both safari 6.0.3 and firefox 19.0.2 with the same result. 


      has anyone else experienced the same problem?


      i tried contacting sling tech support but they havve only tested to os x 10.7?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello dagwood831,


          Thanks for reaching out to us in our answers forum! I do apologize for any inconvenience you're having with viewing your Slingbox on your MAC. What exactly is occurring when you are trying to access your Slingbox? Are you receiving an error message and what specifically does the message say?


          Here is a list of supported systems and browsers:



          Hope this helps!



               The Sling Moderation Team

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            On March 18, 2013 I installed an update from Apple (don't remember the exact update). Since then I've been unable to connect to my Slingbox via Slingbox.com. I usally get the message "The Slingbox or Internet maybe unreachable. Try connecting again" or "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Please try again". Yesterday, April 1st, I connected for the first time and watched TV for 4 hours. Today, April 2nd, not working again - same error messages. OSx in Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and Safari 6.0.3. I don't have a problem connecting via by iPad except I get lots of disconnects.


            No problem with video from other sources, just Slingbox.