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    PRO-HD Clear QAM tuner issue


      I have 2 pro-hd slingboxes both hooked up to the same coaxial cable source in a chain configuration.


      cable->slingbox 1(in)->slingbox 1(out)->slingbox 2(in)


      Both slingboxes stream analog channels fine, but I am having a problem with slingbox 1 in that it will NOT allow me to view clear QAM digital channels.  Slingbox 2 is able to stream the clear QAM channels without any problem.


      Both boxes have fw version 2.1.370 and are both setup for cable input, 


      The only differences I notice are:


      1.  Slingbox 1 has hardware version 1.5.0 where slingbox 2 has version 1.0.0.

      2.  When I run the channel scan utility, slingbox 1 seems to think ALL channels are unencrypted, whereas slingbox 2(thie one that works) only finds a couple of unencrypted channels and a bunch of encrypted ones.


      So either Slingbox 1 is broken, or the hardware has changed to make this not work(1.5.0), or I missed something.  Can someone provide some insight?