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    Problem changing channels with Ipad 4 and Iphone 5


      I hadn't used my slingbox app for a while but did so today. I found that I couldn't change the channels on either the Ipad or Iphone...............until I walked right up on the box.


      I have my cable box, slingbox, and wifi router in the same location but on different shelves. I can change channels if I stand within one foot of the device, but if I walk away and, literally, get outside of that one foot range, I can no longer change channels using the Ipad or Iphone. And, no, it's not the wifi as it's working fine for everything else. Has anyone else experienced the same thing, and can you help? OR, is this Slingbox's way of forcing us into an upgrade?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello jackquontee,


          It sounds to me like the IR signal (from the Slingbox) is bouncing off of your iPad when you are near the cable box/ TV/ Slingbox area. I would advise connecting the external IR Emitter cable, or checking the positioning of the IR Emitter if you have the external Emitter hooked up.


          Here are two articles with some additional troubleshooting steps to try if the issue persists:



          Hope this helps!


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              I have just returned from a holiday in New York. I had high hopes of being able to use my Slingbox Solo while I was there via my iPad 2.

              I tested everything before I went to make sure I could change channels, operate the planner etc. I even tried once at the airport using my phone as a wifi hotspot and got it to work.

              When I got to the hotel though I couldn't change channels or control my Sky box at all. It was stuck on ITV the whole time.The wifi was supposed to be high speed but I noticed that You Tube videos did not play that smoothly.

              Could it just be that the wifi was not fast enough or could something else have been blocking the signal?

              I would like to try to sort this out for future trips.

              Any help would be appreciated.