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    SlingPlayer mobile with HTC HD Mini?


      I got a problem to install slingPlayer mobile software into my HTC HD mini.

      Though it is a touch screen phone equiped with WM 6.5, the resolution is so strange, ie 320x480 HVGA.


      I installed the program of slingmobile 1.6 and only got a tiny display without full picture display.

      While using 2.0, the program cannot run and say doesn't work with your device's screen resolution.


      Please help......

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          Hi, kennykcxp.

          Even though the HTC HD Mini Mobile device might meet the minimum requirements, it is not included in the supported Mobile devices list. This means that although you can download and install the SlingPlayer Mobile application, it might not work properly.

          This link will allow you to get all the information about the supported touch screen Mobile devices.


          Windows phone touch screen


          The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderation Team.

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            Thank you for your response


            It is obvious that my phone is not in the supporting list. Can I have any ways to try so as to get a acceptable image or get the 2.0 program working in my phone?



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              well i just spent ALOT of money buying this device yesterday (HD MINI) and was just transferring over data etc...


              I too downloaded the slingplayer for WM device and get the same error message. I understand it isnt under the supported list but surely there should be a "revert to standard" player option in the software?


              when can we expect a new slingplayer mobile app that DOES support the HD MINI?