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    Setting up help



         I have the Slingbox 500 it Came with composite video cable component video cable hdmi cable stereo audio cable Ethernet cable ac adapter Slingbox  500 remote control ir emitter cable optional. I was having a hard time Setting it up on my own. So I Called up there Technical support and the guy on the Phone Told me Would have to to to bestbuy and buy Another set Because I need 2 of composite video cable  2  of component video cable  2 of stereo audio cable. To set it up the right and having it work right . Is this true? I would like to know before go out and buy them. Thank you for any help on this

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          Hello brad37,


          That's a great question and the answer is generally no, you shouldn't have to purchase any more cables for normal hook up. However depending on the cabling you currently have and how you want to hook up the Slingbox, you may. If you plan to use the pass-through function of the Slingbox (to the TV), and as long as you already have component and HDMI cables from your cable box to your TV then you wouldn't need any additional cables.


          Here are a couple of articles with more information regarding your inquiry:



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