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    TV Media Players


      Which TV Media Players, or TV's with media players built in, actually carry the "Slingbox App," allowing you to log in to Sling and watch on a connected TV?  Most TV's have this feature built in now, but you can still buy the stand alone units, that are all similar to Apple TV programming.  Big difference is, some are compatable with Slingbox, and actually include the Slingbox Application along with all the other app's in the menu screen.  Apple TV work's, but only through the use of the Air Play feature.

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          You'd be surprised. Very little tv's can run the slingapp directly. The only one's with a workable slingapp are the one's with GoogleTV built in and what I understand is a newly released JVC TV, also with the slingapp. Outside of that, your only options are kind of reduced to a few connected devices. The wdtv live, any of the google tv boxes, and if you've got one of the older slingbox's, and you can find one, the slingcatcher. The older boxee I believe still works, but is no longer supported. No smart tv's are currently supported and we're still waiting on full compatibility using AppleTV with a supported slingapp and hoping for one for the Roku.....so that's about it, and outside of the slingcatcher, they all come with compromises...a.k.a bugs, and U.I frustration.