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    Slingplayer disconnects randomly, only with specific Slingbox



      I'm in a bit of a pickle with a client. Here's the setup :

      - Slingbox is in Montreal, QC

      - Client is in Fort Myers, FL

      - Client can connect, watch and control Slinbox correctly, but gets disconnected at random intervals ranging from 2 minutes to over 1 hour. (error W220) Issue happens in Firefox AND in Explorer.

      - Speed between two points is above 20/2, so should not be an issue.

      - Absolutely no know issues of any kind with client's connection or LAN.

      - Absolutely no know issues of any kind with client's computer/softwares


      Now, here's where it gets interesting :

      - Client connects to another Slingbox (mine) and can watch TV for hours on end, in fact there is not a single account of being disconnected using mine, implying his connection/computer/setup is all good since I'm located in Montreal as well...

      - I can connect to client's Slingbox and watch it for hours on end with no issue at all.


      Bottom line, if he watches mine and I watch his, everything's fine. But that's not what we set out to do, so that's not an acceptable solution.

      I have replicated this with other Slingboxes as well (i.e. he watches fine as long as it's not his Slingbox he's connected to) and his works just fine when watched from any other computers.


      At this point, I'm SOL out in the cold. Any help would be greatly appreciated.