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    slow network speeds with slingbox pro


      So I have the slingbox pro w/ the hd connector.  I have the device hooked up to my time capsule. I have the newest verizon fios router.  I hv the ethernet cable attached from the slingbox to the TC.  The wiresless capabilities of the fios router are turned off.


      I am able to connect to my slingbox over wifi in the house and over the LTE network of my iphone.


      On my mac, I get close to 5,000 kbps and the picutre is very good.  On my Iphone 5, I get between 500-600 kbps over both Wifi and LTE.  I would think that the connection should be higher, and the picture should be better.  On the slingplayer for iphone, I do not have the option for HD streaming, only for SD, becasue of the age of my slingbox. 


      Is this the reason for the slower speeds, or is a setting change necessary?



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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello docal97,


          Thanks for using our answers forum here! I'm sorry that you're having this issue, however the Slingbox PRO is not a model we support for use with SlingPlayer for iPhone. I do apologize about any inconvenience here.


          Here is an article form our support site regarding compatibility, Slingbox models and SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices etc:



          Furthermore, if you are interested in upgrading your Slingbox you can do so with your current unit's serial number right at Slingbox.com/upgrade.


          Hope this helps!


          Kind Regards,

               The Sling Moderation Team