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    Can't connect to my Slingbox (red model)


      A few weeks ago, I noticed that all the LEDs on my Slingbox were off: I quickly found out (by verifying using a Voltmeter) that the power supply had died.


      After buying a replacement universal power supply (where I thoroughly checked the voltage and polarity), I still can't connect to my Slingbox.


      When connecting to an outlet the power supply LED goes on, and then the network LED an one LED of the Sling Logo (lower left) switch on and off in an alternating pattern for exactly 5 times, then the power supply LED goes off, then quickly on again, and then again exactly 5 flashes of the other two LEDs, repeat this ad infinitum.


      Is my Slingbox dead, too, or is there a way to get it working again?


      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          Tyler.Sling Novice

          Hello Carbonide,


          Thank you for using our answers forum! I'm sorry to hear you are having problems connecting to your Slingbox. I believe, the reason you cannot get a solid connection to your Slingbox is because you are using a universal power supply. In most cases, the Slingbox will not function properly if it is not using a power adapter made for that unit. Since you said you have the red model, that would be the Slingbox PRO. With that being said, you can go to Slingbox.com and purchase a power supply for the Slingbox PRO for $19.99, including free ground shipping. This is located under Buy Now at Slingbox.com, in the Replacement Parts section. Here is a link to help you get there.



          Hope this helps!


          Kind regards,

          The Sling Moderation Team