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    Another request for Slingplayer on the New  Roku


      Wish their was slingbox on the new Roku. I would buy another application. I wonder if someone from Sling ever looks at these posts?

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          I don't think they look or care.  Roku, continues to produce the best streamer on the market.  The lack of a Slingplayer channel on Roku can only be compared to VHS vs. Betamax or Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD.  Roku is blowing the competition out of the water and is as close to becoming a standard as possible in a world where Apple products exist on their own little island.  Non-Apple TV users all lean towards the Roku, this is backed by the fact that Roku recently sold there 5 millionth box.  Right there are 5 million potential Slingbox consumers.  But no Slingbox continues to support Betamax's and HD-DVD's of the world.  Look at the track record.  Slingplayer is supported on 5 "connected devices" (their terminology)...Logitech Revue, Boxee Box, Sony Google TV, NeoTV, and WD TV.  2 out of the 5 of these connected devices did not last in the market place because they were/are inferior products.  I own and relunctently use a WD TV Live box, I would throw it off my 25th story balcony in a heartbeat if Slingbox got their act together and created a channel for Roku.  If I were Slingbox, I would want to ensure my product was available on the market-leader of streaming devices.  And if I were Roku I would want to continue to outshine my competition by making sure my product could not only do what the competition does, but do it better.  A Slingplayer on Roku is a win, win, win...win for Sling, win for Roku, and especially a win for the most important stockholder, the customer.  Without the customer and meeting our needs, there is no need for either company to exist.