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    Wrong on screen remote displayed


      I previously had an original slingbox that died after many years of service.  Everything worked correctly with the box and the slingplayer sofware.  We now have a new slingbox solo.  The unfortunate part is that the on-screen remote no longer matches the old (correct) remote.  The sling is attached to a Dish Network DVR 625 as was the previous sling.  The remote that is displayed is a non-DVR dish remote.


      I have tried:


      1. Selecting another Dish DVR model (several)

      2. Un/reinstalling the Slingplayer software (2.0.mumble)

      3. Deconfiguring the connection and reconfiguring


      I've rebooted several times including after uninstalling the software.


      The menu options for "myDVR", "Jump back", and "Jump forward" all work correctly.  Using the menu options and/or keyboard are not a long-term solution that will lead to domestic tranquility.


      The question:  How do I get the correct on screen remote back?


      Thanks for any help with this!




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          alanrichey42 Master

          Unfortunately nothing you did, or can do will fix this problem.  What must have happened is that during a database update Sling have 'broken' the link between the DVR 625 and the correct Remote image.


          Having said that, as all Dish Network models use the same codes I would have thought you could have found one that actually displayed the correct remote.


          Can you post an image of the remote you are getitng and maybe a photo of the one you used to get.   That might help Sling figure out where the 'break' has occured.

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              I tried a couple of different dvr models but at about 10 minutes per change it takes a long time to try many remotes.


              I'm attaching a picture of the physical remote which was the remote we had on the slingplayer before the upgrade beside the slingplayer displaying the wrong remote.


              I'm more concerned with having equivalent buttons/functions than the exact appearance of the remote.  I'll try some different boxes tonight.


              Thanks for your suggestions.