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    Previous firmware downloads?


      How can I download previous firmware files?


      I ask because I am running 1.4.60 with no problems, other then I wish the resolution was a little better with mid-speed connections.


      And I would like to see if the newer 2.x version has better compression, ect that would make the video better, but if it ends up screwing up something, I would like the ability to downgrade my firmware back to the 1.4.60.


      But, to downgrade, I need to obtain (download) the 1.4.60 firmware file so I can reload it again if needed.


      So, where can I download previous firmware versions?



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          My slingbox just updated yesterday to the new firmware and the quality is terrible. I'm actually waiting right now to speak to someone about it.


          The picture is blocky now and just looks a lot less sharp.


          I have a Slingbox Pro-HD and before the update i was using it to watch on my 60in tv and it looked pretty good. To the point where when someone would come over they couldn't even tell it was being streamed. Now though...it looks horrible. The sharpness is gone, and the picture is all blocky. It really looks terrible...im pretty annoyed. It was working perfect before this stupid update that i didnt' even do myself.

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            Tyler.Sling Novice

            Hello johncody,


            Thank you for using our answers forum. That's a great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to install an older firmware version to your Slingbox. The only thing you could do is hard reset the Slingbox to factory settings to force a firmware update. However, after doing that, it always updates to the latest firmware version. I do apologize if this is any inconvenience to you. If you are not satisfied with some of the features in the current firmware version, you can always post an enhancement request. This is for users that have requests to enhance one of our features. Below is a link that will take you there.



            Hope this helps!


            Kings regards,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Your answer does not seem to be correct:


              Right now, if I go into Setup Assistant, it says my Slingbox-HD has firmware version 1.4.60, and that the currently available version is 2.1.80.


              If I let the SA to update my firmware, then I will have a "Firmware" file on my PC maybe named something like "SBPROHD2180.BIN" which is the latest firmware.


              And if I wait a year, I am sure that there will be a new version of the firmware available - lets say version 2.7.90. Now if I let SA update my firmware again, then I will have TWO files on my PC's hard disk "SBPROHD2180.BIN" and now "SBPROHD2790.BIN".


              Once I have these files, I can then load EITHER of them into my slingbox using the setup assistance because it asks me to "Browse" for the FIRMWARE file that I want to send to the slingbox.


              This comes in handy if for example I let SA update my slingbox to 2.1.80, but find out I am having new problems with this new version. If I had the original 1.4.60 firmware file, I could "downgrade" my slingbox back to the 1.4.60 version and be up and running.


              So, what I am asking is where can I get the older FIRMWARE files for my HDPro Slingbox?