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    Pro HD directly to Surfboard Cable Modem


      This is a simple question, but most answers on the internet I have found want to make it complicated. Analyze the question.  Anyway. I have my Pro-HD working fine, no problems with connections to Ipad, computer, or old Slingcatcher at home or around the world.  I have just subscribed to a to - be dedicated Charter (Surfboard) internet service.  Not going to replace anything, but a completely separate cable modem into the house. What I want to do is remove the Pro-HD from it's current position in my router stack, on a completely separate internet service (Knology) and plug the Pro-HD directly into the Charter Surfboard modem.  No router in this setup. And the Pro-HD is the only thing that will be on the Charter modem. Simple question,,,,,can you do this and it work?  There will be no way to set port forwarding (port 5001) , but there is no router to set it on, but once all is set with the Pro-HD, is this needed on a direct modem connection? If I need access to the Pro-HD, I will just put it back on the router stack with the Knology internet setup.

      I know a computer can go directly to a cable modem with it's NIC and not use a router.  But can the Pro-HD do the same?


      Simple question...Yes or no?  And no worry about "why". Will it work?