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    No video signal on 350




      I have a Slingbox 350 bought in USA and try to use it in Denmark along with a Denver DVBC-110HD - HD tuner. Everything works - both video and audio just before connecting to the slingbox 350 - but then only audio is okay on both my PC and Ipad. The picture looks like the attached file. I use a HDMI converter from the Denver tuner (HDMI to component) and then connects directly to the Slingbox with component cables. When connecting my TV instead of the Slingbox the picture is perfect but it does not work with the Slingbox connected. I have tried to change between NTSC and PAL and also 1080i, 720P, 1080P and so on with both 50/60Hz without any luck. The remote works fine and I can control the tuner. Can you help me out?