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    Slingbox Pro Video freeze but audio ok


      A few weeks ago (after firmware update??) my Slingbox Pro started having a problem with the video freezing for a few seconds while the audio keeps playing normally.  Anyone know how to fix this?  I know it is the Slingbox because a reset fixes the problem for a while.

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          Sorry, I don't have an answer, but I'm having the same problem as well.  The video will freeze (or pause) for approximately 1 second, then run smoothly for about 2 seconds, then back to another 1 second pause. 


          It just now started doing this as well.  I've had the most recent update ever since it came out....can't remember when.  So I have not changed anything as of late, but it just now started acting up.


          If anybody has any suggestions.....please help!  I'm out of warranty, so sling wants money from me before they'll help me!!!

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            How fast is your computer you're viewing on? Do you see the same behavior when watching HD AND SD channels or HD only? Did you try to play with the stream quality (set it to lowest to test) and see if at lower quality your stream improves? I have an older computer at home, a P4 3 Ghz single CPU with 3 GB RAM and I noticed on that computer that picture can be choppy, especially if anything else is running on the computer. This mostly happens on the HD channels, SD channels seem a little better. On my 'main' computer, which has an 8 core i7 CPU and 8 GB of RAM, I can stream full HD with no problems.

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              I am experiencing the same problem as well, and also searching for a solution.  I run my Slingbox ProHD on a PC laptop and a new iMac and have never had any problems with the Slingbox until the recent firmware update.  Whether I am on HD or SD channels I am recieving steady audio with extremely choppy video.  Hopefully the Slingbox complany will roll out a new update to fix this problem because it has become almost to the point where it is unwatchable.

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                I have a similar problem, but I get no video or audio.  I just got my SlingBox Pro HD.  When watching on my desktop PC (a top of the line Alienware), the playback freezes for a few seconds, or sometimes for minutes.  I then have to re-start the SlingPlayer.  I'm watching SD video only.  I have a pretty fast cable modem.  I brought up Task Manager in Windows 7 to monitor the Network performace while watching my SlingPlayer.  When the video freezes up, the network performance goes to 0 (as expected).  But then I pull up a YouTube video and stream an HD video in my browser to make sure my network connection is ok, and sure enough it is fine.  So, that leads me to believe it is indeed the SlingBox that is the problem.  I have very high-end computer(s), network devices, and Internet access at my house, so I know the problem has to be with the SlingBox.


                I upgraded from a SlingBox classic to the Pro HD so I can eventually watch my SlingBox on my new Android phone.  I hope the comapny is aware of this problem and is working on a fix.  This stuff was NOT cheap!

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                  I have ran my new macbook, and an high-end PC, and my iPhone off this Pro-HD, and they all behave similarly.  So it has to be the Slingbox that's messing up.  The 'warning' that pops up on my PC from SlinaPlayer states:


                  Current network conditions aren't good enough for your video settings.  If you've change streaming settings, consider going to the Encoding tab in SlingPlayer options and re-enabling SlingStream Optimization.


                  I have not changed anything.  But I did go back to the Encoding tab, but the sling-stream optimization was already enabled.


                  I've been running this Pro-HD since November, and the only variable that has changed during that time and since I noticed the problem was the fact that I updated the Slingbox software.  But it didn't happen immediately after the update, maybe a month or so later.



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                    Hi all,


                    I'm also having the video freeze problem, it freezes for about 2-3 seconds, then it its ok for about 5. Audio is never gone. This happens both in my LAN and when accessing the Slingbox from the WAN.

                    The only solution to this is that I have found is to hit the reset button on the box. However, it works fine for a couple of hours, then the video starts to freeze again. I have Verizon FIOS, so the connection is not the problem, since it happens in my LAN and my Macbook Pro is not the problem since I have plenty of Ram and CPU power.


                    My box is brand new with the latest firmware update, please help.



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                      I too started experiencing the freezing problems about two weeks ago after a firmware update on my Sling Box Pro HD. I'm also experiencing the problem on my Sling Catcher as well. I contacted a Sling technician about a week ago, to no avail. The technician had no answers to provide resolution to this problem. He hinted that maybe my Internet provider was the source of the issue. The technician claimed that he had not received nor was Sling Media aware of any ongoing problems or concerns regarding freezing. I assumed that maybe my Internet provider was the source of the problem despite the fact, I was still receiving 2400-2900 kbps and the Internet provider connected to the Sling Box Pro HD was even faster.


                      I only discovered this issue on the Sling forum today reported under multiple forum sections and titles. By the number of people reporting this issue on this forum, Sling Media should be well aware that apparently the firmware update was faulty. I now know that the technician I spoke with last week was either untruthful or simply unaware of what is going on with Sling Media as a whole. Right now my Sling Box Pro HD and Sling Catcher are useless, which is unfortunate as I am living abroad for the moment.

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                        I am also having the same problem and it started RIGHT after i updated the firmware. 2 macbookpo 13" and winmo phone.  Is there a way to downgrade to the last release?

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                          42n81 Newbie

                          Same problem here.  The only (temporary) solution is to cycle power off then back on to the Slingbox.


                          Started experiencing problem only after lastest firmware update.

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                            I am having the same problem!  The sound is coming in perfectly but the video is choppy.  The network where my Slingbox is located is good as well as where I am streaming from currently.  This do sound like a slingplayer issue.  I notice that frame rate per second gos from 28.00 - 30.00 fps to 1.00 - 4.39 fps while the sound streams perfectly.  Can someone from slingmedia please chime in and give us some suggestions?  My slingplayer was working perfectly until this update was released.

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                              Same problem here, everything worked beautifully until the last firmware upgrade.  Now I get the same problem everyone else here has described, video freezes and restarts every few seconds.  Audio works fine.  When I tried tech support they told me I have to spend $49.95 on a service plan before they'll even talk to me.  Needless to say I was a bit disappointed in that response.  Has anyone here gotten a real answer from Sling on this problem?  Or do I have to spend the $50 to have them tell me that it's my service provider?  I get the same problem when I'm on wifi in the same room, when I'm plugged into the router directly, and when I'm going over the internet.  I have a hard time believing this is my service providers fault.  Have same problem on Windows 7 laptop, Windows 7 desktop, and two different iMac's.  All are new within the last year, and all worked fine prior to the firmware upgrade. 

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                                eferz Expert

                                Have you tried unplugging the power of Pro-HD for a minute then replugging?


                                I get the spiky streaming once in a blue moon, and that usually solves the problem.

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                                  Lancer Newbie

                                  I am also having the same problem since upgrading firmware.  I have several high-end computers that could render HD no problem before, and my network is very fast, so the problem seems to be at the source. It is so bad I can't watch, I had to connect to my old SD box.  I am sure unplugging the box and rebooting is the fix, but it sounds like over time the issue comes back which means there might be some type of memory leak on the system that degrades with time.

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                                    42n81 Newbie

                                    Yes, but that is only a temporary fix.


                                    It would be nice if the Slingbox had a remote reboot function for those times when you don't have physical access to the box itself.

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