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    Off-brand tablet, does not have access to Google Play


      My off-brand tablet (Polaroid) does not have access to the Google Play store. I tried to install the Play store following some scripts found on the web, but it did not work correctly after that, and I had to restore the factory defaults.  So I am limited to the Amazon store, which has a Slingbox Player, but it is marked as a Kindle Fire version. 


      Assuming that Amazon will even let me download it (I haven't tried yet), will it work on a non-Fire tablet? 


      I am hoping Slingbox just added extra code for the Fire and did not remove any code that would prevent it working on other tablets.

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello JJM02351,


          I understand that you are unable to access the Google Play Store on your off-brand tablet and I do apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced in attempting to do so. I don't believe the SlingPlayer for Kindle Fire will work for you and there are no refunds through the Amazon App Store (as far as I know). In order to use SlingPlayer for Android Tablets your device would need to meet the system requirements and have access to the Google Play Store. Again, I'm sorry about any inconvenience.


          Here is a link from our product page where you can find the minimum requirements for SlingPlayer:



          Hope this helps!


          Kind Regards,

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