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    streaming issue


      Each time I stream online or via phone it'll only let me stream for a few minutes then it goes to a blank screen trying to reload.  I have to restart the app or reload the page in order to stream again but even aftewards it'll stream again for a few minutes.  This process is never ending and is annoying that I have to restart my app or refresh the page every few minutes.  Anyone has any idea what's going on? I have the pro HD. 

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          Hello waihoe33,


          I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble maintaining streaming with your SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices. I understand that the video stream is dropping after a few minutes of viewing, but it's hard to say what the issue could be without additional information. First of all, which version of SlingPlayer are you using, SlingPlayer for Android Phones, Windows Phone or iPhone? What type of network are you connecting to your Slingbox through (ie: WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.)? What are the bandwidths (network speeds) from both the home location and the remote location where you are trying to view from?


          Here is a link with some additional information/ minimum requirements relative to the issue you are describing:



          Hope this helps and please reply back with additional information if you need further assistance!


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              Hello, I use slingplayer for iphone 5 and should be updated for the lastest slingplayer app.  Internet speed is T1 for both location in which I view and and stream via wifi. For the iphone 5, anytime I'm outside i'll use the LTE from ATT.  Hope this information will help lead to the right answer.  I tried resetting the slingbox HD pro to factory setting, resetting, etc. and nothing has work. Thanks!