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    Avast!8 Webshield blocks viewer. What URL's or ports to exclude?


      Hello, my name is Leo.

      For a Norwegian friend here in Spain I installed Avast!8 Free on a machine where the viewing of a Slingbox (in Norway) already was working fine.
      As soon as Avast! 's Webshield is active, it prohibits the browser based Slingbox-viewer to work.

      If I disable Avast! Webshield (eg. 10 minutes) it works and keeps working, also after the webshild becomes active again.
      When Webshield is Enabled when starting , it does not work, but there are no errors logged in Avast!?!?

      So obviously there is something wrong.

      I like try to find out which URL's to exclude.
      I already excluded *.slingbox.com and the IP-address of the Slingbox in Norway.

      Is there a way to see what extra URL(s) is/are causing this so I can exclude these too in Avast! ?


      Can the nice (technical) people from Slingbox share the information about the sites the Slingbox viewer is connecting to when starting a session?


      Thank you,