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    down load to I pad


      I'm going on an extended business trip to the jungle of Indonesia for work. where I will be staying at night will have little to no internet 2 g at best if there is any. when I'm at the office I will have high speed internet of sorts. my question is can I during the day log into a Slingbox during the day and load the shows that I want to watch onto my Ipad first choice 2nd choice  laptop the shows I want to watch that night.


      is this possible with any of your products?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello kenidaho,


          I think what you're asking is if there is anyway to record with your Slingbox, or set shows to view at a later time in order. The answer to that is no, not directly. If you have the Slingbox connected to a DVR cable box, then you can set it to record by using either SlingPlayer for the Web or SlingPlayer for iPad and you can then watch your recorded shows from your DVR through the SlingPlayers. You will, however, need to have a solid network connection to connect to your Slingbox and control your DVR at any time.


          Hope this helps, please reply back if necessary!



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