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    UK slingcatcher on US TV?


      Hi all


      I recently bought a Slingcatcher to take over to my son who lives in the US. He uses slingplayer on his laptop to watch my TV in the UK, so that he can watch the programs he misses now that he's living abroad. I am over in the US visiting my boy now, and we hooked up the Slingcatcher, only to find that the screen is just flickering and not displaying properly at all - it has some kind of warning on screen but the flickering is so bad that we can't read it! We have tried connecting by s-video and RGB leads, with the same results. We're wondering if this is some kind of PAL/NTSC issue, or if the Slingcatcher might have just got buggered in transit... has anyone else run into this issue? Or has anyone else tried a UK Slingcatcher on a TV in the US?


      Any advice would be appreciated.