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    Bad quality streaming


      Hello to all!


      I have had several problems already and solved them as well (togehter with the technical support) But as if it is a not ment to work it all went bad again. I have the following problem my viewing via internet is ****. If I test it in the local network it goes all fine but as soon as I watch it on location it doenst get above 800 kb. In the morning it sometime reaches 900 to 1000 kb but the rest of the day its bad. I tried everything (again) but nothing helps. Restarting router + slingbox. Resetting slingbox, changing ports and firewall setting but it just doesn't get better. If I check support the internet viewing is supposed to be right but when I look in the browser screen and click on options it says extern viewing: no. Is that a sign or something I can work with?


      I tried e-mailing but so far had no response and calling didn't make me reach anybody (could be because I was just on the late side) but any other solutions to this problem. Or experience? Btw. Both internet connections are good, where the sling box is download is 40 Mbit/s and upload 4 Mbits/s,

      the view location had download 25 Mbit/s and upload 1,5 Mbit/s.


      Thanks so far for any help..