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    Unstable Streaming on Cellular -- Slingplayer for iPhone


      Hi --


      I'm using SlingPlayer on my iPhone 5.  Works beautifully on my local network, but on internet connection -- particularly 3G but sometimes WiFi too -- my streaming speed swings wildly.  On 3G it swings between 5 kbps and 450 kbps.  If it can't settle on a speed above 200 kbps, it's unwatchable, and every time it dips below 100 kbps it stops and stutters.  If it stays below 100 for half a minute, it crashes.


      While this is going on, I'm getting four bars on my cell service and my upload speed from my home network is between 1.75 and 2.0, so it's not a signal problem.  I've tested this at home (while on cellular only).


      Any word on whether the SlingPlayer update (supposedly out 3/20/13) will address this issue?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello dsamsonbrown,


          I do apologize for any inconvenience you're experiencing with your SlingPlayer for iPhone streaming remotely via 3G and sometimes WiFi. To answer your question, yes the update expected on March 20th will address the issue you are describing. Although, with 3G and cellular networks the connection can be unstable especially if you are travelling or moving between towers, etc. I have experienced streaming/quality fluctuation myself while using SlingPlayer while driving or riding in a vehicle, for instance. I will include a link to the main thread on the iPad/iPhone streaming issue below. You can chek on that thread for any updates on the situation as it is released.



          Hope this helps!


          Kind Regards,

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              Thanks for the quick reply -- I look forward to the update and hope that it resolves the issue.


              FYI -- I have been a Slingbox user on cellular for many years -- on different phones, going back to the HTC PPC 6700 (a Windows Mobile phone), and although you are correct that there was always occasional streaming quality fluctuation on cellular as a result of cell signal issues, the current problem is more serious and frequent and seems related to the iOS apps in particular.  I pointed out in my original post that I tested the issue several times at home, where I could monitor both my cell signal strength and my home network upload speed, and while both of those remained constant and strong, I still had the issue with the wild streaming speed fluctuations (and stops and starts) of the iPhone SlingPlayer.

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              same with me on my Iphone 5 (current app update and current IOS). I constantly get starting and stopping of video, freezing and connection loss. Seems to happen right in the middle of something I am very interested in. Only with LTE or 4G. WIFI works fine. This seems to be happening more with the current app update. I have a strong LTE signal. I've been in contact with support about this issue, but even though they were attentive to my frustration, they did not offer much help. They attribute my problem to my cell provider for signal issues. (T-Mobile). They are supposed to be coming out with an app update for the 350 that is supposed to address streaming fluctuations according to their last update. Lets see.