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    Can't connect to Slingbox PRO HD even though shows up on Router




      I have tried to connect to my Slingbox PRO HD using legacy software and the slingbox website, and both methods indicate that it can not find any slingbox. 


      Preliminary Diagnosis


      1) I have checked the Slingbox and make sure that the internet light is on and I have checked my router to see if it connects to the slingbox (and it is there).

      2) I tries to connect to the Slingbox by IP and it asks me for the Administrator password (which I forgot what it is or it could be it's not working)

      3) I have connected this slingbox to another router before and it worked with that router.  With the new router, it is not working.  I have tried to reset the slingbox, but the slingbox will just get stuck in a reboot loop.



      Thus, what should I do now?