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    sling box solo and virgin media which device do I choose?




      Wondering if anyone can help, I come here as a last resort, as I like to resolve myself, but to no avail :-(


      I have a sling box solo and recently joined with virgin media tv and fibre optic.

      I am all connected up and on the set up screen I can see my tv channel on the laptop, but when I get to the 2nd step of "configure video sources"

      I believe I am to select "Cable"?? But then I am not sure if it's "Virgin" or "Tivo"?? The make of my virgin media box is "Cisco CT 8620" I've tried 90 % and all the obvious once first and even the custom options.


      With the above I am at the stage where I can view sling on my phone and laptop but cannot change channel


      Before posting on here I've checked all my cables, put on a new infa red cable, but still no joy


      Any pointers would be gratefully received