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    End of recorded programmes missing


      I have recorded a whole series of Law and Order UK and the end of every programme is missing. There is about 4 minutes missing of every one which means that we miss the most important bit each time!

      I'm very frustrated as I got this box to replce sky+ and so far it seems to be pretty unreliable, this is the second problem I've had in just 4 weeks of owning the box.

      Can anyone help?



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          I'm here on this forum because I have exactly the same problem!

          I bought the box in April a year ago (2012), & have been plagued by this problem. - It appears to be more of a problem on some programs than others.

          We have many episodes of "Heartbeat" recorded, with most of them missing the ends.

          I have regularly alternated between "Auto" recording, where the box is supposed to change the actual time of recording to match that of the transmission, &
          "Manual" - Where one has the option of addding up to 10 minutes buffer at the end.

          Neither works!  - What might have been a sloution is Auto + the 10 minute buffer, but the box des not allow this option. - A pity.

          Now that this box apears to be discontnued, I guess that there will never be a solution?