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    Local network


      I have a sling box solo and using sling link turbo to the router which is in another room. All wiring appears to be good and has been checked several times and all lights are on as they should be on both the box and the turbo units. When I click on to start I get a warning message that says"sling projector can not find the slingcatcher on the local internet." I have turned off the firewall as suggested but still get the same message. I tried plugging the ethernet directly into the laptop but still get the same message.

      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Regards Ron

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello RTENEROWICZ,


          I'm sorry to hear of your trouble trying to access your Slingbox on the local network. Are you using Watch on Slingbox.com? Honestly, that isn't a usual error message indicating what is wrong from Slingbox.com. It sounds like you may be using older SlingProjector software that is no longer supported and was designed for use with the SlingCatcher.


          Could you please verify if you are using a supported operating system and browser to view your Slingbox on Slingbox.com?



          Hope this helps, please reply back with additional information if necessary!



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